Hollow logs

The Hollow Log is made from dry hardwood shavings. Extremely dense, it leaves very little ash and can be used for ambiance as well as heating. The hollow log generate 7800 BTU/lb.

• 2,2lb log (hardwood)
• 12 per pack




Composed of dry hardwood shavings, hollow logs can be used for ambiance as well as heating. The process used to manufacture the hollow logs produces an extremely dense product. Once flames are generated, very compact glowing embers remain, with very little ashes. Use 3 to 5 logs at a time, according to desired intensity. Hollow logs generates 7800 BTU/lb


• CHARGE USED: 5 logs (11lb)
• 400°F REACHED IN: 40 minutes
• FLAME DURATION: 100 minutes
• TOTAL BURNING TIME: 255 minutes

* Product lit with 1 Vesta fire-starter. Air intake adjusted to 50% once a temperature of 400°F is attained. Results are an average of 3 tests in a EPA-certified slow-burning stove with 80% efficiency. Results will vary according to wood burning apparatus. A slow-burning stove that is not EPA certified will perform at a rate of up to 40% less. An open fireplace will perform at a rate of 50% to 75% less.

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