Frequently asked questions

What are your delivery delays?

Your order will be delivered within a maximum of 12 working days. We will notify you of the scheduled date 24 to 48 hours in advance by email or phone.

Do you charge delivery fees?

Yes, a delivery fee of $9,99 will be added to your order.

In what regions do you deliver?

We deliver within a radius of 50 km around Montreal. From the US border in the south to Joliette in the north and from the Ontario border in the west to Drummondville in the east.

For the heating season, we are expanding our delivery territory. Thus, from September to March, we deliver to the following regions:
Laurentians (up to Mont-Tremblant), Lanaudière (up to St-Donat), Montérégie, South Shore, Montreal, North Shore, Laval, Eastern Townships, Estrie, Trois-Rivières, Outaouais, Ottawa area. ** We do not ship to the Toronto area.

Consult the map for more details.

Do you sell cords of wood?

No, we only distribute ecological heating products.

What is the equivalent of your ecological heating products to a traditional cord of wood?

Our comparison is based on the BTUs generated by each product.
Here is the approximate equivalent for each of our products:

VESTA Brick (1.75 lbs) – 16 to 17 boxes
Ecological logs – 20 boxes
Wood bricks / Wood blocks – 27 packs
VESTA Long-Lasting Log / VESTA Night Log – 12 boxes
4 lb brick – 19 to 20 boxes

Can you store the heating products outside?

No, it is strongly recommended to store the products either in the house, a shed or garage. Products can swell and crumble when damp.
If you store them in a garage or shed, we suggest placing the boxes or packages on cardboard or wooden planks instead of directly on the floor.

Do you have a point of sale?

No, we do not have a point of sale or store. We only do home delivery.

Do you still offer indoor delivery during the pandemic?

Yes, absolutely, if you wish, we can deliver your order inside your home or garage. The delivery person will be equipped with gloves and a mask.

Must we be home for the delivery?

No, we will confirm the delivery date by email or phone, and we ask you where you would like your order to be dropped off in case of absence.
If it is a rainy or snowy day, our delivery people are equipped with tarps to protect your products.

Any other questions? Write U.S!

You have more questions? Do not hesitate to write to us. It will be our pleasure to answer you as quickly as possible.

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